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Sandblasting, Coating and Metal Restoration by Blast Master

Blastmasters are the experts in sand blasting services, industrial painting, protective coatings, paint removal, rust protection and prevention. Blastmasters have been Sand blasting Dandenong and around Melbourne suburbs providing quality blasting service for over 25 years.

Our services also include abrasive blasting, glass bead blasting, garnett blasting, metal, timber restorations and industrial painting. We fix freeway gantry's, crash rails, trucks, trailers, tanks, off shore equipment, dozer, earthmoving equipment restorations. Speak with the experts for your next abrasive blasting or industrial painted project.

We can give you a quote on the spot and provide you with a professional service and quality finished product.

Our company is certified by the Painting Contractors Certification Program controlled by the CSIRO and meets all Australian standards for all types of industrial painting services and metal restorations.


Blastmasters has been blasting for customers in Melbourne for more than 25 years now, and we can blast just about any surface for you to make it cleaner, grittier, smoother or just ready to have some paint or adhesive applied.

Our spray-painting and abrasive blasting services can be used on anything from motor homes to vehicles to industrial equipment to glass sculptures. We can handle the delicate jobs and the heavy duty ones.

We have a large workshop where we process your various materials and products. We do all the work onsite to ensure it is of the highest quality. We offer services such as glass blasting, grit blasting, abrasive blasting and beadblasting.

Our large holding yard allows us to work on heavy duty machinery and industrial equipment. We can also cater to clients who need large amounts of steel to be processed in short order. If you need your materials or equipment transported to our facility, then just ask, and we will send our escort vehicles to your location for pickup.

We work with powder coaters and galvanisers to ensure that your needs are met, even though we do not offer those services onsite.

We have a wide range of sandblasting, beadblasting and spray-painting machinery to handle items of any size and material.

We serve the various Melbourne suburbs and may be able to come to your area for pickup. Just give us a call and find out how we can help you.

Our sandblasting services include blasting of all the following items- shipping containers, excavators, earthmovers, vehicles (including vintage cars), trailers, bike frames, steel furniture and equipment, trains, spare parts for caterpillar vehicles, all steel items, panels, bumper bars, mufflers, rims, door parts, horse floats and much more.

Contact us today to get a free quote- (03) 9706 4488

Blastmasters has been serving the Melbourne and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We are the leading blast cleaning professionals, and we stay on top of technological advances in the industry. We offer our abrasive cleaning services to residential and commercial clients, both here and internationally.

The blast cleaning process deep cleans various surfaces and prepares them for painting or other processes. Abrasive particles are propelled out of the nozzle at very high speeds, and these are aimed at any surface in need of cleaning.

Sandblasting was previously used to clean abrasive surfaces and metals, but it is now prohibited over health and safety concerns. Specialised blasting techniques of a few different kinds have taken its place now. Blastmasters uses various methods of blasting to ensure that each surface is cleaned properly. We have a few different materials we use, and we make sure we meet the needs of our customers by providing exactly what they need to achieve a very clean surface.

Our factory has a few different blast rooms. These will process surfaces of all different kinds, and they allow us to blast with different types of media, such as metal grit, plastic, garnet, glass beads and water. We used specialised equipment that can clean off fibreglass, steel, stainless steel, timber and aluminium.

We service many different kinds of customers, helping industrial businesses clean heavy machinery and materials and helping private hobbyists get a clean vehicle that can be easily painted after we are finished. We have worked on materials and items from all different industries throughout the country, and we can help you with your restoration, refurbishing or finishing project.

We are the ones to call for any blasting project, and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote either in our office or over the phone. Contact us today to get started and to find out how we can help you.

Water tankers and heavy duty machinery

Water tankers and heavy duty machinery can be fully restored to look as good as new by using the best quality industrial paint supplies available. Surface preparation is critical to ensure lasting results. Car Parts, Car stripping, car metal rust protection and protective coating services can also be provided onsite.

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