Freeway gantrys

Freeway Gantrys

Blastmasters have sandblasted, applied protective coatings to numerous Gantry's throughout the Vic Roads network. This finished freeway gantry is situated on the Millers Rd Exit on the West Gate Freeway one of Melbourne's most popular roads in the western suburbs.

Gantries are usually built on high-traffic roads or routes with several lanes, where signs posted on the side of the highway would be hard to see for drivers.

Gantries may be mounted on the left, right or center of the highways.

Therefore it is imperative that the blasting and protective coatings process comply's to the strict standards to advoid any corrosion issues that may arrise in the future.

By using high grade industrial paint Blastmasters have ensured these gantry's will be in service for a long time.

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